VPS Hosting
A virtual Private Server is one that is partitioned to have its own operating system, bandwidth, and storage space. Based on top of the line hardware, VPS guarantees flawless performance and high speed. The use of GUI and an easy-to- handle Control Panel gives the owner an opportunity to focus on the applications that provide an effortless VPS management.
Immediate Setup

The hosting is ready in five minutesUpgraded in several clicksInstant build process of a Cloud Server
Advanced Technology

SSD redundant and standard SAN storageFail-safe architecture, ensuring safety of your dataFastest IOPS and read/write technology by SSD VPS
Our Guarantees

99.99% UptimeRound-the-clock technical supportMulti-homed 10 Gbit/s connection to network

Select VPS configuration

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VPS Cloud
Name Cores Ram Storage Bandwidth
10 gb/s
Price per month
VPS-V2 2 2 Gb 40 GB 3 GB
10 Gbit/s
10.00 CHF
11.25 USD
9.27 EUR
VPS-V3 2 4 Gb 60 GB 4 GB
10 Gbit/s
15.00 CHF
16.87 USD
13.91 EUR
VPS-V4 4 8 Gb 80 GB 5 GB
10 Gbit/s
30.00 CHF
33.74 USD
27.81 EUR
VPS-V5 8 12 Gb 120 GB 10 GB
10 Gbit/s
60.00 CHF
67.47 USD
55.63 EUR
VPS-V6 8 16 Gb 160 GB 15 GB
10 Gbit/s
90.00 CHF
101.21 USD
83.44 EUR
Windows Cloud
Name Cores Ram Storage Bandwidth
10 gb/s
Price per month
VPS-WIN1 1 1 Gb 30 GB 2 GB
10 Gbit/s
35.00 CHF
39.36 USD
32.45 EUR
VPS-WIN2 2 2 Gb 40 GB 3 GB
10 Gbit/s
40.00 CHF
44.98 USD
37.08 EUR
VPS-WIN3 2 4 Gb 60 GB 4 GB
10 Gbit/s
45.00 CHF
50.60 USD
41.72 EUR
VPS-WIN4 4 8 Gb 80 GB 5 GB
10 Gbit/s
60.00 CHF
67.47 USD
55.63 EUR
VPS-WIN5 8 12 Gb 120 GB 10 GB
10 Gbit/s
90.00 CHF
101.21 USD
83.44 EUR
VPS-WIN6 8 16 Gb 160 GB 15 GB
10 Gbit/s
120.00 CHF
134.94 USD
111.25 EUR

Prices for upgrades, software add-ons and additional services

Bandwidth overage Storage DDoS Protection Backup
Bandwidth overage
Bandwidth overage 20.00 CHF   22.49 USD   18.54 EUR   per each TB 

Virtual Private Servers - a cutting-edge solution within our unique “Future Ready” policy

Every virtual private server has its own OS, storage space and bandwidth. Due to the up-to-date equipment, VPS ensures flawless high-speed operation. The owner can use the intuitive Control Panel and GUI, managing the VPS easily and effortlessly.

Superb functionality without unnecessary expenses

The higher the traffic of your website, the bigger is the necessity of storage space and speed, and the more important is the network reliability. VPS is the golden mean between a shared hosting and a dedicated server. Being as flexible and independent as a dedicated server, VPS has the reasonable price of a high-level hosting service.

VPS hardware

To provide you with excellent performance for your goals, we employ Intel © Xeon © processors and 10GE Arista © switches, on which True Cloud network and SAN are based. We ensure the shortest idle time available for business solutions - 500 nanoseconds. A10 Networks © equipment with load-balance is a super productive solution designed specifically to provide substantial acceleration of network activity processing. A simple and scalable solution in the Storage Area Network area, Coraid ©provides the highest possible level of fault-tolerance and efficiency.

Special Features of the Cloud Virtual Private Server

Budget efficiency
A VPS will cost you a lot less than a complete dedicated hosting plan, which includes the usage of a physical server. Pay only for the capacity and features that you need and upgrade anytime you need!

Immediate Deployment
All the essential system resources are ready to use in five minutes after you place the order.

Excellent Performance
Every VPS comprises a cluster of high-level Hypervisors, equipped with Intel Xeon Processors. This, in combination with our 10G connection to network and Clustered SAN Storage, results in incredibly fast and ongoing performance.

Intuitive Control Panel
You can manage every feature of your Cloud Server by yourself. Just a few clicks are enough to create, modify, delete and reinstall the Cloud Nodes.

Every Cloud Node is supported by physical servers with simultaneous constant data storage. In case of a hardware failure (which is highly unlikely), you will not experience any data loss or downtime.

Mixed Environment
A blend of shared and dedicated hosting is suitable for both private and virtual integrated solutions.

Extended Image Library
You can capture and store over two hundred OS templates for straightforward operation and fast adding.

Each and every VPS is configured to recover the Cloud Node automatically in the unlikely case of failure of the physical environment. You can also save your VPS as a snapshot in order to restore it anytime later.

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