2020 Smart Budget

While most companies are summing up 2019, we suggest planning the 2020 budget.

True Cloud offers you to plan not your expenses but the benefits you get – benefits of up to 32% for the entire 2020.

Read More Published on: January 6, 2020

True Cloud Year Review

In 2019, True Cloud focused on ensuring perfect technical conditions for the hosting operation. The True Cloud platform welcomed new clients. We are happy that the new clients have enjoyed offered loyalty programs and chosen to pay in advance for the year-long maintenance.

Read More Published on: January 6, 2020

Happy Holidays!

True Cloud wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let the Christmas bring you joy and faith, and may the upcoming year bring you new achievements and results.

We would be happy to improve our service for you, please stick around!

Read More Published on: December 23, 2019

Bank Details Update

Starting from 2020, we will switch to new SWIFT bank details for accepting payments for our services. In September, a SEPA account was opened for payments. Bank transfer is not the only way to pay for our services. We offer a wide range of alternative payment methods.

Read More Published on: December 23, 2019

Christmas Hosting Special Have Started

We announce the start of the Christmas Hosting Special. For 31 days until 15/12/29, your business company can plan and purchase hosting services for 2020 while saving 10% of the budget. In addition, you can save even more by enjoying our advance payment program.

Apply the TRUEXMAS10 voucher.

Read More Published on: December 15, 2019

Christmas Hosting

While waiting for the main holiday of the year, we were happy to prepare a new Christmas Hosting special. During the period from 15/12/19 till 15/01/20, our new and regular clients will be able to purchase our products at a 10% discount. To cut the expenses even more, this special may be combined with our regular advanced payment program.

When placing an order, please apply the TRUEXMAS10 coupon.

Read More Published on: December 6, 2019

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

The social world has become big and complicated. Climate changes on the planet have become critical over the past decades. This is mainly because of human activities and hydrocarbon fuel exploitation.

Is Greta Thunberg right when she says world governments have done nothing over the last 30 years to stop global warming, reduce the carbon footprint and amount of plastic in the environment?

It’s not all that bad. Environmental programs developed by European countries are being implemented and show results. We have learned to recycle waste, we have started to use less disposable plastic things, we are actively switching to alternative energy sources, and we are controlling the engine emissions.

Business companies play a huge role in putting these environmental ideas into practice. True Cloud supports modern trends, too, by implementing our “Ready to the Future” concept. Our data centers located in the most “green” country use only “green” energy.

By doing business on our digital platforms, you participate in the carbon footprint reduction program for our future

Read More Published on: October 29, 2019

Development Information

World Development Information Day is celebrated in October. This day was constituted as a result of recognizing information as today’s No. 1 resource. Information management technologies boost the development of economy, social systems, and scientific world greatly.

Provisions of the UN General Assembly Resolution 65/141 “Information and communications technologies for development” stipulate the huge potential of information technologies and their role in modern world development.

We are a digital technology company, and it is important for us to feel the role of our activity in digital world development at the international level.

Read More Published on: October 29, 2019

SEPA Details

We started accepting SEPA payments for the convenience of our European customers. You can use this payment option, as well as a wide range of alternative methods.

Read More Published on: September 29, 2019

сPanel: Changes in Payment Conditions and Pricing Plans

In September, the conditions of obtaining cPanel license will change. We no longer support contracts for more than one month.

Moreover, pricing plans have also changed. Now, the choice of a pricing plan depends on the number of all accounts, including the blocked ones. When you reach limits indicated in the pricing plan conditions, access to the platform will be restricted. You will have to switch to another pricing plan by paying the difference in cost.

The names of two pricing plans have changed to “Metal” (previously known as “Dedicated”) and “Cloud” (previously known as “VPS”).

The new pricing plans will be published on the website in the “Products and Services” section. From now on, all invoices will be issued based on the new pricing plans.

In case of any questions on this matter, please contact our online consultants who are available 24/7.

Read More Published on: September 7, 2019

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