Cloud Server
An important feature of the Cloud Hosting is the ability to quickly manage the virtual server resources on request and allocate them using different OS’s, such as Linux, FreeBSD and, of course, Windows. Cloud Hosting gives you an opportunity to raise the performance without spending your budget on the additional servers. Clouds have the long history of reliability and excellent performance.

Select billing period:   months
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Select configuration
Each Cloud has the potential of running more than one virtual machine, though their number cannot be higher than the quantity of CPUs. In case you need to use several virtual machines, make sure you choose configuration with multiple CPUs.
Name CPU CORES RAM Storage Bandwidth
10 gb/s
Price per month
VMware-Cloud-V0 2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
1 2048 MB 20 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
88.00 CHF
98.96 USD
81.58 EUR
VMware-Cloud-V1 2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
1 4096 MB 60 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
160.00 CHF
179.92 USD
148.34 EUR
VMware-Cloud-V2 2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
2 4096 MB 100 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
199.00 CHF
223.78 USD
184.49 EUR
VMware-Cloud-V3 2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
4 8192 MB 160 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
361.00 CHF
405.95 USD
334.68 EUR
VMware-Cloud-V4 2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
Intel Xeon
8 14336 MB 320 GB 1 TB
10 Gbit/s
661.00 CHF
743.31 USD
612.81 EUR

Free Basic DDoS Protection

New powerful equipment by top suppliers

Free Backup

Cloud hosting

Every Virtual Machine of the Cloud is based on one or multiple processors with the frequency of 2.4 GHz or more. It can be operated by one of the various OS’s which you can choose. Every VM has a vast image library with hundreds of templates, so you can easily manage and post images if you need.

Each Cloud has the Visualization platform, which is used to order the VMs. Their scalability allows you to either operate them using the previously mentioned operating system or the client's operating systems.

Customer's system resources may serve as a fundament of VMs. This way, if you get additional resources for your Cloud, you may start and operate almost any number of Virtual Machines.

Cloud Hosting hardware

Intel © Xeon © processors provide well-balanced server environment, which ensures excellent price/performance ratio for our customers.   10GE Arista © switches serve as the basis of SAN and the True Cloud network. They ensure idle time of 500 nanoseconds, which currently is the best possible performance on the market.
A10 Networks © equipment provides balanced load and high productivity and, as a result, sufficient acceleration of network activity.   Coraid © is an elegant scalable solution of the virtualized Storage Area Network, which ensures the impeccable efficiency and high fault tolerance.

Read more about hardware we use

Essential features

Quick Delivery
Both Cloud Server and System Resources can be expanded instantly.

Secured Redundancy
Virtual Machines are based upon multiple physical servers and SAN. In an unlikely case of a hardware failure, data loss or downtime are ruled out.

Mixed Environments
The infrastructure of True Cloud integrates private and virtualized platforms according to the customers’ needs.

Don’t spend money on the resources you don’t make use of.

Excellent Performance
Enjoy the great performance of your Cloud Server, ensured by Intel © Xeon © Processors, Clustered SAN and 10G super fast Network Connection.

Integral DDoS Protection
Each VM is provided with strong protection against DDoS attacks. This solution is free and able to deflect any of the TCP and UDP attacks. DDoS Protection, ranging up to 10 Gbit/s is absolutely legal.
  KVM over IP
Both Cloud Server and System Resources can be expanded instantly.

Quick Upgrades
You can easily manage the usage of resources according to the development of your business.

Library of Images
Simple interface and more than two hundred operation system templates allow you to modify or manage the Cloud easily.

Control Panel and the Self-Service
Controlling and customizing your Virtual Servers have never been easier.

Automatic Recovery
The system restores immediately after a crash of any physical components of the Cloud.

Manage your Cloud Using Your iPhone or Android
No matter where you are, you can control your Cloud easily with the help of your mobile device.

Advantages of the Cloud Hosting in comparison with hosting

Cloud Hosting is a cutting-edge technology of calculating the assignment of capacity within a platform of a server. It is a hosting service assured by a network of interconnected servers (nods). Cloud Hosting has very broad scalability and it is able to dynamically assign resources. In case workload of one of the servers rises, Cloud allocates computing capacity of other servers, which are less loaded, providing reliable ongoing performance of the network solutions. The option of virtualization is used in order to smooth these swings. It balances the software tools and the distribution of virtual capacity over physical servers.

Compared to a Dedicated Server, which comprises a physical server (a computer with OS and installed software), Cloud Hosting is better suited to startups, because it does not require big expenses on its maintenance, personnel and software updates. Moreover, Dedicated Server does not always provide an opportunity of independent (without any help from the outside) round-the-clock monitoring, ensuring its safety. Even though the capabilities of a Cloud Hosting and a Dedicated Server are the same, you get additional benefits from a CH: higher flexibility, fault-tolerance, and lower cost. CH enables you to pay only for the resources that were really employed in your project (such as CPU usage time, occupied disk space, consumed memory). Moreover, a Cloud Server can be momentarily expanded to the capability of several physical servers, and then returned to a minimum in case of necessity.

One cannot ignore the fact that the technology of virtualization used in Cloud Hosting creates similarity between a Cloud and a VPS. Still, Virtual Private Server means placing the data of hundreds of users on the same server, which does not always guarantee adequate security and reliability. Cloud Hosting, on the other side, provides stability due to the distribution of a total network load between multiple servers, so that the availability of web resources and security of data does not depend on one server. VPS limits your resources, so in case you need more of them, you will not be able to receive them immediately. The Cloud Hosting, on the contrary, provides the possibility to expand your project easily with the help of different resources and to vary them depending on your needs.

Prices for upgrades, software add-ons and additional services

CPU Hardware & Bandwidth & IP
CPU limit 15.00 CHF   16.87 USD   13.91 EUR   per additional 1GHz 

Cloud template list

Cloud HostingVPS
Load balancing
Ease of useSimultaneous control over multiple serversEach server is separately controlled
SecurityHigher due to the possibility of using the software-based virtual local networkSoftware-based virtual private network is not available
Data storageLocallySoftware-based virtual private network is not available
Money saving


We employ Intel © Xeon © processors for physical servers and 10 Gbit redundant bandwidth for clouds.


We use XEN Hypervisor to carry out Virtualization because of its exceptional security and speed. XEN software controls both physical and virtual servers, as well as provides the best available solution for the consolidation of resources and redundancy.

The reasons to use the Cloud Server

Cloud Hosting is distinguished by its feature of scalability of Virtual Machines, or, in other words, prompt adding of new ones. This way, our clients do not experience the necessity to purchase or rent additional servers to avoid overload.

System Resources Control

Cloud resources can host one or more virtual machines depending on the settings and your demands.

Uptime and Data Protection

Cloud Computing provides an effective balancing of workload, an opportunity to select the most suitable operating system in order to minimize the expenses. The Cloud Hosting restoration feature creates the opportunity of achieving 99.9% Uptime.

Network Protection

True Cloud possesses the perfect solution against DDoS attacks, which have recently become a dangerous threat to any online business. All Cloud servers have inbuilt DDoS protection by True Cloud, which has a bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit/s and a reliable filtration system, a combination that ensures uninterrupted performance. This high-level safety is available for free.

Cloud Storage (based on the Content Delivery Network)

CDN is a set of web-servers, located in different spots around the globe. They store copies of your files, ready to bring them to your end visitors at the maximum speed, anytime. This way, your website loads quicker while the traffic consumption of a server reduces greatly.
CDN transfers your data to multiple countries on all the continents. The moment a user sends a request, the system determines the closest CDN server and sends the files requested via the shortest possible route. In case another request occurs in the same geographical spot, the same CDN server will be used to reduce the response time and server load.

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