Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Today it is a common practice for a business to create their global clientele in order to ensure faster development, bigger income and financial stability. We gladly present you a CDN service, which make this task a lot easier.

How does it work?

CDN, or the so-called network of content delivery, transmits data to users around the globe and provides excellent quality and speed of content distribution. To put it simply, we located servers with data copies all over the world in order to enable access to the necessary information regardless of the user's location. For example, a request of information, located on an American server, made by a Chinese person, does not have to travel all the way there and back. This person will get a copy from the Chinese server instead!

CDN network

Secure delivery
CDN nodes are located in a hundred biggest cities of more than forty countries around the globe. Data is transferred to these servers in order to enable access to it regardless of the network or natural problems. In case the requested information is not accessible on one server, it will be automatically redistributed from the next available one.
Excellent productivity
CDN raises the speed of content delivery by four times, which means that more users can use the same resource simultaneously. CDN also enlarges bandwidth to the point when an unrestricted amount of users can be serviced regardless of their location. Moreover, global availability of your business resource guarantees you a top position in search engines.
Different formats
CDN supports most of the modern Internet content, including texts, graphic materials, media and software. Such a variety of formats and configurations suits each and every business demand.

A helpful feature
CDN is equipped by a beneficial tool for an effective management of your business - a report feature on statistics of the most popular data, the location of your target audience, and the real load time.
Economically rational
Strategic location of CDN nodes substantially decreases your costs on data transmission and rapidly increases the popularity of your website. CDN is structured the way the content is guided right to the end user from the server with the most rational location, performance, and cost.
You are able to select from a number of our coverage areas and choose a deposit amount that fits your business needs.



0.06 CHF per 1Gb
0.06 USD per 1Gb
0.06 EUR per 1Gb

North America

0.05 CHF per 1Gb
0.05 USD per 1Gb
0.05 EUR per 1Gb


0.19 CHF per 1Gb
0.20 USD per 1Gb
0.18 EUR per 1Gb

South America

0.07 CHF per 1Gb
0.07 USD per 1Gb
0.07 EUR per 1Gb
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You are free to choose from any of our coverage zones and a deposit amount that suits your business needs.

There are 172 Points of Presence in 113 cities across 43 countries available.

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