Business Safety Guarantee

We are 100% sure that customer trust is essential to building a successful business nowadays. That is the reason why we always strive to fulfill all our obligations.

We realize the utmost importance of online business security and stability, so we use the most advanced tools and methods available to achieve them. True Cloud provides 99.9% functioning time for the web resources of its clients, as well as reliable protection against web attacks. Our main goal is to achieve the smooth operation of your business and we aim our entire infrastructure at it.

We also believe that customer support is a key factor of the successful business development, which is why the True Cloud staff strives to respond to all requests of our clients quickly and politely.

We provide all the necessary equipment and services, which fully comply with the demands of our customers and represent the best possible solution in terms of price and quality.

You do not need to worry about the safety of your hardware and information, because our company guards them using the elaborate system of protection, comprising qualified staff, 24/7 video surveillance and backup sources of power.

Swiss laws protect your privacy and personal data, while True Cloud ensures the conformity of its services with existing laws and regulations.

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