Throughout the history, Switzerland has always been reputed as a haven of stability, especially compared to the rumbling chaos of other European countries. Due to this important reason, we’ve decided to locate the headquarters of True Cloud, our Data Center in Zurich. This ancient city lies right in the middle of the western part of Europe. Thanks to its location, Zurich is closely connected to several prominent European economies, which makes it easy for our DC to provide our clients with a great number of potential customers throughout all the European countries.

Company address:

Murtschenstrasse 30
CH-8048 Zurich

Data-center address:


Badenerstr. 569
8048 Zurich


Cherstrasse 4
8152 Glattbrugg

Our services are straightly connected to the IP-Transit providers, so the response time for target users in Europe, Asia and America is minimal.
Good location of Switzerland and its surprising resiliency to the shocks of any origin, as well as the convenient infrastructure of Zurich make our DC an ideal place to store your web data securely and efficiently.

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