Data Center Concept:
Enterprise-Class Equipment
DDoS Protection
State-of-the-Art Data Security
24/7 Support
100% Uptime

Performance, reliability & value

We are True-Cloud, and we design servers using the latest technologies and the finest components. That is why we put the newest Intel processor in the heart of each server.

Our products are flawless, impeccable and accurate. We do our best in order to produce things that people value.

So, we make sure you get the most advanced and high quality items in the stores.

Dedicated server

Cloud VPS

DDoS Protected

Cloud server

Unbeatable Prices

Minimization of expenses is one of the cornerstones of any business success. But the quality of services, on which your business is based, must not suffer! We guarantee the best ratio of price and quality that it is impossible to compete with.
24/7 Support

Our experienced support team will answer your questions anytime. True Cloud experts work 24/7 without weekends or holidays in order to provide you with timely and thorough assistance.
99.9% Uptimes

Our advanced and faultless infrastructure always provides at least 99.9% Uptime.


Our Data Center is placed in Zurich, Switzerland
UPS/Diesel backup power supply

2N UPS reserved. We have emergency generators, which are able to provide 120 hours of full-power work in case of a network crash.
DDoS protection

You may choose traffic filtering varying from 20Gb/s and 50 Gb/s, up to 100 Gb/s and even 200 Gb/s.

Our company specializes in virtual hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, collocation services and protection of your network against DDoS attacks.

We offer products and services that can be answers to all of your problems, and if you have any special requirements, we are ready to develop new and successful solutions. People rely on us, because we provide them with trustworthy services and guarantees. They give us a challenge, and we give them the result!
Our experienced professionals work day and night in order to meet all the clients’ expectations. We have also a great team of authoritative partners. Each of them is a profound expert in his own field. Working on a project, we use only the latest equipment and cooperate with the most reliable service providers. As a result, our customers always have their orders completed right on time, right according to their desires and 100% troubleproof.

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